cb Boys of Summer Tribute

2024 Tour Poster

Santa Rosa   El Dorado

Crawdads   Atascadero

Covina   The Lighthouse Cafe

Old Town   Upland

Music on the Square   Clear Lake

CB Live   Elks

Terranea   Glenwood

Botanical Gardens   Warehouse

Flower City   West Side Theatre

Private Event   Rock & Nrews

Calistoga   Englemann Cellars

McConnell Estates   Heritage Social Club

Glenwood   The Argyros

Bourbon Theatre   The Red Shed Music Venue

Bourbon Theatre   Liberty

Shark Beach

Lobster   Fountain Valley

Sutter Creek   Sutter Creek

Past Shows

Palo Alto   Stockyard

The Ute   The Egyptian Theater

Azalea Festival   Restoration Vineyards

Pour House   Big Dirty

Corbin Cash Distillery   Pour House

CBLive   Hon-Dah

Barefoot Bobs   Ramona

Pedro   Pedro

Temecula   Highland

- 2023 -

Morro Bay   Roseville

Cantara   Mansion

PasoRobles   PasoRobles

Old Town Blues   Englemann

Bakersfield   Newport

Sutter Creek   Sutter Creek

Newman   Private

Craig   Palisade

Warehouse   Whiskey

Calistoga   Wente

McConnell   Stockyard

Glenwood   Botanical

Temple   Janss

Tailgate   Nissis

Fortino   Windmill Cove

Redwood City   Vallejo

San Ramon   Santa Rosa

CB Live   Williams

Montebello   Tujunga Elks

Ramona   The Rhythm Room

House of Bards   Siren

Chico Spring Jam   Old Town Blues

Full Circle   1933

CB-Live   Barrett-Jackson

Barefoot Bobs   House Of Bards